Diversity, inclusion and impact

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Inclusion inspires innovation

A diverse team brings unique lived experiences and outlooks to a problem. We know diverse teams build better products and better organisations. Join an inclusive environment where innovation is encouraged. You'll be part of a team focused on solving the problems of our doctors in new ways and creating something better together.

Building belonging

We want all Medenterprise’s employees to feel they are part of a community. One way to foster a sense of belonging is for people to see themselves represented at different levels of the company, this shows that we value diversity and are better together. As we are dedicated to fostering a workplace that reflects the diverse communities in Australasia, we will always welcome and encourage applications from people of all ethnicities, genders, disabilities, and ages. We are committed to offering equal employment opportunities for all.

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Measuring impact at Medenterprises

A diverse and inclusive (D&I) environment is crucial to a successful team. Our goal is to reflect the diversity of our customers, clients, and communities within our workplace. Despite progress in gender representation, we now aim for equal advancements in ethnic representation. We are dedicated to implementing initiatives to create a workforce mirroring Australia's diverse population in the coming years. In 2022, we embarked on a company-wide D&I initiative, including implementing a D&I policy and promoting visibility through participation in Winter Pride events. We shared resources around Roll out the Rainbow. We also introduced pronouns in staff emails, endorsing gender inclusivity. Our web articles consistently educate the healthcare sector about D&I, and we have a "Diversity & Inclusion in Advertising" policy to ensure we represent our diverse population in all marketing campaigns. To promote internal equity, we started capturing data on diversity, enabling us to measure and improve equity. An annual D&I survey was implemented for Medenterprises staff to gauge our progress. This survey's findings informed our areas of strength, like women in leadership, leading to 2024 KPI implementation. In our fight against gender pay disparity, we have initiated measures to address this systemic issue, pushing for a fairer and more equal workspace. Lastly, we rolled out a flexible working policy and public holiday swap, recognising its potential to enhance employee wellbeing and productivity. Through these concerted efforts, we are committed to cultivating a workforce that mirrors Australia's diverse populace.


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Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey

We annually administer a Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey to understand and improve our doctors' well-being. This survey gauges our effectiveness in enhancing their lifestyle, mitigating burnout, and allocating more personal time. To maximise participation, we donate $2 to Hand-N-Hand Peer Support for each survey response, a service providing confidential peer assistance for health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

Read more about our 2023 Lifestyle Survey

In our annual "Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey", we connected with our New Zealand locum doctors to measure our service impact. The positive results affirmed our dedication to improving their work-life balance. 83% noticed a better lifestyle since their association with us, reflecting our contributions towards their improved living. With 81% of respondents reporting saved time on administrative duties, it shows our efficiency in streamlining their workflow. 76% revealed they reclaimed time for pursuits beyond their medical profession, signifying a healthier work-life equilibrium. Lastly, 81% indicated a decrease in burnout, underlining our role in mitigating work-related stress. These findings confirm our commitment to enhancing the lifestyle of our locum doctors in New Zealand, by reducing administrative burdens, enabling personal time, and addressing burnout effectively.

In our annual "Lifestyle Satisfaction Survey", we reached out to our locum doctors to understand the impact of our services on their lives. The results were highly encouraging, reinforcing our efforts. An overwhelming 91% of doctors reported improved lifestyles, underscoring the positive influence of our interventions. Additionally, 72% of the respondents stated they saved significant time on administrative tasks, indicating our solutions' efficacy in optimising their workflows. Importantly, 77% reported reclaiming time for activities beyond medicine, enhancing their work-life balance. Finally, 80% of the locums revealed a reduction in burnout, signalling a decline in job-related stress. These results illuminate our pivotal role in enhancing our locum doctors' quality of life, reducing admin burdens, facilitating work-life balance, and tackling burnout, reaffirming our commitment to our mission and our doctors' wellbeing.