We imagine a world where

the medical profession has

evolved and doctors are well

Medenterprises and its subsidiaries (Medrecruit and Medworld) are using leading technologies to advance the health of medicine and improve medical staffing. We know that a well-staffed healthcare system with fulfilled medical professionals leads to better patient outcomes. When we succeed we indirectly touch the lives of everyone on Earth.
In 2017, Medworld successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva (the modern-day Hippocratic Oath) to include:

“I will attend to my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard.”

Since then Medenterprises and its subsidiaries have continued to advocate for, educate, and work towards better health and wellbeing for all doctors. Medworld Founder, Dr Sam Hazledine, is a wellbeing advocate and medical entrepreneur. Our amendment to the Declaration of Geneva and our B Corp Certification reflect our commitment to enriching the lives of doctors and providing medical staffing where it is needed most.

I believe we can find the solutions to staffing and wellbeing challenges within our profession. We’re in a tough place, but technology presents a chance to connect and collaborate in new ways. We have the opportunity to make it better.

Dr Sam Hazledine
Medworld Founder

Sam's interest in doctor wellbeing began soon after he graduated medical school and noticed huge numbers of his classmates disillusioned and leaving the profession - over time he started to see the scale of the doctor wellbeing crisis and he decided to make it his life’s work.

He set up Medworld to lobby the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva, and since then his research has focussed on how to make significant inroads to address the problem. He is bringing his work to life through Medworld and Medrecruit.
Medrecruit is Australasia's largest medical staffing agency and Medworld is a digital platform designed to break down the silos and enable collaboration through community.

Over 200 doctors came together to provide feedback on the Medworld platform and shape its progress.

Our idea is to enable the collective intelligence of the medical profession to solve medicine’s challenges; our goal is to build a useful collaboration engine and advance the health of medicine.

"It is our parents, our children, our friends, our siblings, who will ultimately benefit when we achieve our purpose and well doctors globally are practicing their best medicine."
Dr Sam Hazledine
Medworld Founder and CEO

We are incredibly

proud to be

a Certified B Corporation

B Corp Certification is recognised globally as the highest standard for social corporate responsibility. With this, we join a global movement of organisations that are driving accountability for their impact on people, the environment, and the community. Becoming a B Corp is an important step in our ongoing efforts to advance the health of medicine.

Our promise to the profession is that we will never stop striving to improve the staffing crisis facing the industry and advocating for the wellbeing of our doctors. We have always been vocal about our mission, but having B Corp certification shows our customers that we are not afraid to be accountable.