EY of the Year

EY of the Year
March 9, 2012
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Medrecruit founder Dr Sam Hazledine awarded prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

In 2012, Dr  Sam Hazledine, the founder of Medenterprises, was honoured with the Ernst and Young “Young Entrepreneur Of The Year” award for Medrecruit. This award was a testament to Medrecuit’s innovative spirit and significant contributions to New Zealand’s healthcare system.

The award is New Zealand’s most prominent global business award aimed at recognising successful entrepreneurs and highlighting their contribution to the economy.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be announced winner of Ernst and Young’s “Young Entrepreneur Of The Year” award. “It acknowledges the fantastic work of the team at Medrecruit and the belief the doctors and hospitals place in us to provide what they need right now - namely, the ability for doctors to go further with both a life and a career and providing hospitals and GP Practices with certainty and confidence in their staffing,” Dr Hazledine told Scoop Health in 2012.

Chief judge Greg Cross, from Icehouse said the finalists were the most articulate group of finalists the panel has ever judged. “It’s always hard to compare one year with the next, but across the board, the level of presentation and the standard of the businesses was the best we’ve seen. As is always the case, the passion of these people is phenomenal.” 

“The Young Entrepreneur category, in particular, was very hotly contested. It’s just fantastic to see young people coming through and making our job as judges really difficult. But ultimately, like any business, it comes down to the numbers. You’re looking at the top line, you’re looking at the bottom line, and you’re looking at the growth potential,” Mr Cross said. 

Since then, Sam has grown Medrecruit into Australasia’s largest medical recruitment company. He has also founded the wealth management company for doctors, Medcapital, WeAreTenzing, a the holistic talent management company and most recently, the worklife operating system, Medworld.

Sam's interest in doctor wellbeing began soon after he graduated medical school and noticed many classmates disillusioned and leaving the profession. Over time, he started to see the scale of the doctor's wellbeing crisis and decided to make it his life’s work.

In 2023 his primary focus is Medenterprises. Medenterprises is a purpose-driven business ecosystem. Its subsidiaries include Medrecruit and Medworld. 

“It is our parents, children, friends, and siblings who will ultimately benefit when we achieve our purpose and well doctors globally are practising their best medicine.”

Sam has been a judge of the New Zealand Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards from 2021 to 2023.

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